About Us


We are a gathering of imperfect Christians who realize we do not have all the answers.  We look to Jesus and His teachings on how we are to live our lives and love people. “I choose Jesus” is the answer to the battles that we face; we want to do things Jesus’ way.  We believe that by following Jesus and his teachings our lives have purpose. What is yours? At Columbia Christian Church you will find people who are searching for their purpose and those who have found it in Jesus. We would like to help you find your purpose in Jesus, as we strengthen those who are already following Him.

Our 9:00 am Traditional Service is for those who enjoy a mix of classic hymns and Gaither-style songs.

Our 10:30 am Contemporary Service is designed for those who enjoy modern music that is found on the radio mixed with other popular praise songs. During this service we offer classes for children of all ages, including Kid’s Church (K-6th grade) and classes for teenagers.


Under His Teachings:
– Follow Jesus’ teachings found in the New Testament
By His Spirit:
– That the Holy Spirit empowers each of us with different gifts and abilities to serve Jesus and His Church in His love
– That we love each other like Jesus loves us
For His Mission:
– To love people, restoring the relationship between God and mankind.

We believe that Jesus’ mission verse for Columbia Christian Church is:

“Go out through the gates. Prepare the highway for my people to return.
Smooth out the road; pull out the boulders; raise the flag for all the nations to see.”
Isaiah 62:10