Who We Are

Gospel-centered, Multi-ethnic, Inter-generational

We are imperfect Christians who realize we do not have all the answers. We look to Jesus and His teachings on how we are to live our lives and love people. “I choose Jesus” is the answer to the battles that we face; we want to do things Jesus’ way. We believe that by following Jesus and his teachings our lives have purpose. At Columbia Christian Church (CCC) you will find people who are searching for their purpose and those who have found it in Jesus. We would like to help you find your purpose in Jesus, as we strengthen those who are already following Him.

Columbia Christian Church

Making disciples who love, grow, and share

Worship Services are held at 10:00 AM. Services are casual and feature a mix of traditional and modern worship songs designed to connect us intergenerationally as we worship the Lord. During the 10:00 AM worship service we offer classes for children of all ages, including Kid’s Church (K-5th grade) and Youth 6th-8th grade.


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Vancouver, Washington

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